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Galleria Patricia Armocida Logo

LUCA BARCELLONA, SALVATORE GARZILLO, Lost in Strokes | C'ero una volta

Opening 21 October 2021 h 7 p.m., Via Argelati n° 24, 20143 Milano (MI)

Until 14 January 2022

LUCA BARCELLONA, SALVATORE GARZILLO, Lost in Strokes | C'ero una volta

21 October - 14 January 2022

Galleria Patricia Armocida is pleased to announce two solo shows:


Luca Barcellona LOST IN STROKES 

Salvatore Garzillo C’ERO UNA VOLTA


The opening for both shows will take place on Thursday, October 21st at 7:00 p.m.



Luca Barcellona (Milan 1978) artist, musician, graphic designer, and point of reference for calligraphy worldwide, presents, for the first time, never-before-seen works, a summing-up of his artistic endeavors of the past 30 years.


With Lost in Strokes Luca Barcellona goes beyond legibility, breaking away from the text and the meaning of words, forcing viewers to lose themselves amongst the strokes, free of references.  

The graphemes are progressively reduced to single letters in a process of abstraction whose ultimate horizon is the pure beauty of the gesture.

Asemic writing that contains the complexity of de-structured and decontextualized lettering, clear and vast backgrounds, and elements of writing. A compositional process based on the balance of visual weight, the solids and the voids, distributed in space using solely the eye. For the artist, filling in large quantities of text, almost ending up inside of it, withdrawing himself from the meaning of the words and from the gesture itself, becomes a mantra that, through repetition, transforms itself into a profound meditative act.

An immersive experience that is enhanced by a soundtrack produced by DJ Craim specifically for the works on display. 



Salvatore Garzillo, aka Salgar, was born and raised in Naples. He has been working in Milan for 10 years and, as he himself says, he’s fond of it. A crime reporter for Ansa and Fanpage.it, he always carries two pens with him and draws on anything, including receipts. His best drawings are in the notebook he carries with him to police stations, barracks, and crime scenes, on the pages cram-packed with notes about the stories he follows daily. 


With C’ero una volta, the title of his first solo show, he presents a selection of drawings from the last few years on various supports: café napkins, metro tickets, receipts, maps, and of course the pages of his precious notebooks. They’re like windows onto a diverse humanity, at times documented with an efficient, quick style to capture an expression, much like snapshots, and at times documented in color with a detailed style when he stops to look at the strangeness of humankind with indulgent sarcasm or shared affection. 

Ironic and amusing, his drawings are always accompanied by a title that is essential for their interpretation. Thanks to this, human figures, animals, and everyday situations take on unprecedented meaning. Each work communicates different sensations and emotions: mockery, derision, pleasure, but also thoughts, doubts, indecision, and existential questions.

Occasionally extracted from overheard conversations, the handwritten texts reveal his capacity to grasp, with immense sensitivity, moments that are varied but also harsh, everyday situations that surround him, with his pleasant irony-tinted view. 

He shows us the absurdity of terrorism or democracy, civility or incivility, finding subjects for his amusing reflections everywhere. His work tells a story that is a mix between a reportage and an autobiographical diary. 

His works are meant to be observed, understood, and enjoyed. They are universally appealing, intimate portrayals that, upon being seen for the first time, encourage the viewers to become participants in the stories they tell. 







Luca Barcellona, born in Milan in 1978, artist, musician, graphic designer, and point of reference for modern calligraphy worldwide. He was part of the Italian ‘90s hip-hop movement as an MC and as a writer.

Having always loved lettering, he began working professionally as a calligrapher in 1999 in every field, from type design, to letterpress, to engraving, and even experimental virtual reality. Letters are the building blocks of his work, he brings the manual skill of the ancient art of lettering together with the languages and tools of the digital era. 

The refined blend of his studies in classical styles and his experience in the world of graffiti writing has inspired new generations of calligraphy enthusiasts. For him, writing is a profoundly meditative act, a means for reclaiming sustainable paces and gestures of the past while in the frenetic race of modern-day life. 

He’s done lettering for major fashion and clothing brands, albums, films, theaters, and books (and on an Absolut bottle), and has received important commissions from museums. 

Since 2007, he’s been teaching calligraphy at “Associazione Calligrafica Italiana” and in important design schools (IED, NABA, Domus Academy), since 2017 he’s been a lettering and calligraphy teacher at Raffles Design Milan. He’s held workshops and conferences worldwide: USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, and Turkey.

He’s been in solo and group shows in various European galleries, his works are part of the permanent collection of Akademie der Kunst in Berlin, the State Archives of Zurich, and the Harrison Collection in the San Francisco Public Library. An important part of his work is the live writing performance, which he began in 2003 with the Rebel Ink collective together with Rae Martini and Marco Klefisch, he has even performed in a theater with the pianist Cesare Picco.

He’s an avid collector of vinyl, jazz and rare soundtracks, which he uses in his DJ sets and on the blog Wax Up!.

In 2012 he published his first monograph Take Your Pleasure Seriously with Lazy Dog Press, the publishing house he is co-founder of, while in 2021 he published Anima & Inchiostro with Utet, an essay which is a veritable act of love toward lettering.  


Salvatore Garzillo (Naples, 1987) is a reporter who was born and raised in Naples, where he started working for local papers at the age of 17. In 2010 he moved to Milan to work for “Libero” and since 2011 he’s been the crime reporter for Ansa Milan, and since 2019 for Fanpage.it as well.

He’s covered major Italian crime cases in recent years and has written reportages on Afghanistan, Kosovo, Greece, the Ukraine, and Iraq, published by Corriere della Sera, Rolling Stone, and international press. In 2016, he received an honorable mention at “Premio Guido Vergani - Cronista dell’anno” and in 2021 he won second place of the prestigious award for the work he did during the Covid emergency.

In 2019 he published a photography book “Ultima Edizione - Storie nere dagli archivi de La Notte”, which sums up three years of work in the forgotten archives of the historic Milanese newspaper. 

That same year, he began an undercover investigation and infiltrated extreme right-wing groups in Milan to discover the links and business dealings between freemasons, neo-fascists, and Lega and Fratelli d’Italia politicians and European parliament members. After three years undercover, a record amount of time in the world of journalism, he released  “Lobby nera”, a video investigation that aired on Fanpage.it and La7 on September 30, 2021, a few days before the local elections in Milan, which were influenced by underground powers. Milano’s public prosecutor office has opened two formal investigations. 

That’s all from Salvatore Garzillo, aka Salgar.